The ministerial training program I was looking forward to so much has been cancelled due to lack of sufficient registrations. I’m very disappointed, even discouraged. Here I thought I had actually manifest the timing and conditions in my life for what seemed to be exactly what I needed and was looking for…and then it didn’t […]

All my life my I have been a Seeker. But what, exactly, does that mean?  For some, it simply means they have spent (or are spending) their life looking for “something.”  Often, they don’t even know exactly what that is. It can be a search for meaning, for stability, for growth. For me, it has […]

I’ve come to understand the nearly impossible task I have set before myself, which is to write about my experiences of certain subjects while I am actually learning about them. In some cases, I may be able to do this, but in the case of the 7 Unavoidable Influences, it’s a bit out of my […]

Today is my 64th birthday, my 63rd Solar Return. When I woke up this morning, it was drizzly, gray, and promised to be one of the worst birthdays of my life. Well, at least a close second. The worst, I think, was in 2012, when I took the day off work, went to see a […]

Okay, so it has taken me longer than I expected to process and deal with the past few weeks. On top of processing the epiphany I spoke about, I have been dealing with other personal issues that have demanded attention. (Interestingly, these issues are rising up synchronistically with other events in my life, which are […]

I’m having an epiphany.  Be back soon.

I have recently finished a seven-part series of classes on the Seven Universal Laws (a.k.a., Hermetic Laws) – or, as my mystic teacher likes to call them, the Seven Unavoidable Influences. While the use of the word “laws” isn’t incorrect – for they are natural “laws” that keep order in the Universe, keeping it moving […]